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How should people choose the first-class stone carving machine?


The stone carving machine is a fully automatic electronic control device for carving the natural ceramic and stone materials. Now the stone carving machine has greatly reduced the manual engraving work.

Young artisans are becoming increasingly scarce, and the role of stone carving machines in the market is becoming more and more important.

However, faced with the important role of stone carving machine, how should people choose the first-class stone carving machine?

Here are a few selection points:

1. Pay attention to the function of the stone carving machine.

In the market is a stone carving machine has high power and small power respectively, some engraving machine can only small three-dimensional carving material, the other is a high-power engraving machine, used for more than one meter big stone carving, also have moderate engraving machine power, used for carving fine processing.

When choosing a professional stone carving machine, you should choose according to the size of your own engraving.

2. Understand the performance of engraving machine.

The performance of the engraving machine is mainly determined by the motor. The quality of the motor determines the service life of the engraving machine, so it is necessary to choose the machine with good quality and durability.

The choice can adjust the motor speed, can be effective and rational use, if the motor revolution is severely limited, it will affect the scope of the sculpture.

Therefore, the function of the motor should not be underestimated. In the time of purchase, if the engraving range is larger, the adjustable motor speed should be selected.

3. Body performance

Stone engraving machine is usually controlled by computer as controller.

Generally, there are two types of machines, which can only be controlled by computer, which can only be completed in one single typesetting machine. The other is to rely on the computer to set up the engraving while continuing to complete the next step.

Choose the right controller according to the size of your workload. If you do a large number of operations, you can choose computer typesetting.

The performance of the stone carving machine is controlled by other conditions, so it should be tried bravely when choosing.

Check the accuracy of the machine is in compliance with your request, check try carving products, choose good after-sales stone carving factory, can guarantee the machine in the future use if you met problems can in time to repair, so as not to delay your project progress.