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How to check and maintain the water cutting machine?


Using any mechanical require regular inspection and maintenance, use water cutting machine also need to check and maintenance, in order to make better finish the work of professional professional water cutting machine, but how to check for water cutting machine, and how to maintain you may also not too clear, so now it's time to find out how to check and maintain the water cutting machine?

1. Ensure that the nozzle is normal through water flow inspection.

Open water under low pressure to observe, the flow should be symmetrical, its width depends on the type of nozzle used.

Some of the jets have a slightly wider flow, and some of the jets have a narrower flow but are coherent.

If the flow condition is not correct, the nozzle has been damaged and should be replaced immediately to avoid the damage caused by the cutting head of the water cutting machine.

2. Regularly check the cutting head and maintain no wear.

The cutting head is an important part of the water cutting machine, which is also relatively easy to wear or damage. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the wear condition or damage indication of the cutting head.

For example, the mixing tube will damage the nozzle nut and the internal parts after accidental contact with the fixture.

3. Check the system and keep it at its best.

Regularly inspect and replace consumable parts of the water cutter sand conveying system, such as pipes and joints.

Ensure that no part of the sand conveying system below the bottom of the hopper is exposed to air.

During the inspection, disconnect from the tiny hopper at the bottom of the joint sand conveying pipeline, manually open the jet and the thumb to one end of the stick in the sand conveying pipeline, if there is plenty of vacuum can thumb tip causes depression, said vacuum conversely, that means the water cutting machine cutting head entrance is blocked or sand conveying pipeline have crack, must be solved to give full play to the efficiency of the system, also can prolong the service life of the water cutting machine.

Through the above three points we can learn to use the water cutting machine regularly for nozzle, cutting head and the system completes the inspection and maintenance work, the staff is best at the end of the equipment used every day to clean up, conduct a comprehensive inspection every week, found problems in a timely manner, and ensure the quality of the water cutting machine to finish the work.

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