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How to judge the problem of the valve of the water cutter?


Waterjet failure

The safety valve, pressure reducing valve and relief valve of the water cutting machine are all automatic valves. They rely on diaphragms, springs, pistons, weights and other components to control and adjust the results of the water cutting system pressure and component pressure comparison. The valve of the medium flow pressure. The safety valve prevents the pressure in the system from exceeding a predetermined safety value. The pressure of the medium itself opens the closing member to discharge excess medium flow from the system to protect the piping system. When the pressure returns to a safe value, the valve closes itself to prevent the medium from continuing to flow out. It is a protective device. If the safety valve is activated, it generally indicates a system failure. The pressure reducing valve reduces the inlet pressure to the required outlet pressure so that the outlet pressure is automatically kept constant, generally a range value, and the medium flow of the pressure reducing valve always flows in the system. The overflow valve is used to discharge excess medium in the system from the high-pressure part of the water cutter system and return to the low-pressure part of the system to maintain the stability of the pipeline system.



The pressure of the water cutting machine is always not up, and the inlet and outlet cylinders are not responding. (The oil pump has been replaced with a new one, the relief valve has also been dismantled and cleaned, and the inlet pipe has also been blown with air. The relief valve has been removed for cleaning, and the oil pump motor is turning forward without problems.)

There are several factors in the general water cutting machine without pressure:

  • 1, The pump is broken

  • 2. The relief valve is stuck or damaged, resulting in pressure relief

  • 3, The execution components (cylinder, motor, etc.) drain

  • 4, Pressure gauge damage, etc.

About this problem

It is very likely that the relief valve is stuck and damaged. Although it is a new oil, it cannot guarantee that the inside of the system is clean. It is very likely that the spool is stuck. There is also a valve spool that is used for a long time. There will be wear and tear, and it is easy to cause pressure relief. Another is to check if the actuator is internally skewed. You can apply oil to the section of the actuator to see if the other end is draining!

All of the above are equipment produced by waterjet manufacturers that have no research and development capabilities and are small in scale. It can be said that the maintenance cost is very high.   

What is the difference between Yongda waterjets?
YONGDA-How to judge the problem of the value of the water cutter

Oil Immersion Ballscrews And Rails
Oil -immersed lead screw and guide rail--high accuracy, dust-proof and rust-proof, dust sink to the bottom of the oil so as not to damage the lead screw and guide rail.

Sand Valve
Patented design, low cost, 2 to 3 minutes can solve the problem if sand blocked.

Water Switch Body

Patented Design, No Water Leakage


Auto Abrasive Delivery System

Auto abrasive delivery system--photoelectric control switch, automatically exhaust when the sand is full, supersize design sand tank reduces a frequency of adding sand and increase efficiency.


Stainless Steel Dirt-Proof Cover

High-quality steel, better protecting, easier cleaning



Japan Yaskawa dual driver and dual motor, stable cutting accuracy, error-free.


All spare parts are processed by international advanced 5 axis CNC and tested by Swiss testing instruments (the other small companies use Chinese processing machines and conventional caliper, accuracy can not be ensured, their machines are not tested by instruments before delivery) 

About our product

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