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How to maintain the three-axis engraving machine?


For three axis engraving machine this very precise numerical control equipment, good maintenance should be the first, in the process of daily use, good habits of maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment for a long time, users also can bring more profit, so professional three axis engraving machine how to maintain?

1. Ensure the use time to prevent the water temperature too high.

When using three axis engraving machine, it is necessary to control the use of time, guarantee the continuous working time is not more than ten hours a day, to replace the cold water, in time to ensure the normal work of cold water clean and the water pump, avoid the phenomenon of water shortages caused by motor, to prevent the phenomenon of water temperature is too high, the winter antifreeze can be used in place of the water in the tank.

Second, form a good habit of cleaning dust.

A good habit of cleaning dust is using three axis engraving machine is a very important method of maintenance after each use of the machine, all need to clean up in time, the transmission system need to add lubricating oil regularly, triaxial maintenance can use oil, and the screw part can use butter, winter, screw and polished rod part use gasoline wash first using oil to wash it again, avoid to cause the resistance of the machine is too large and cause errors.

3. Check the power supply regularly.

When using the three-axis engraving machine, it is necessary to check the electrical appliances, cut off the power supply, etc., after the power of the main circuit has not been shown and the power of the main circuit is extinguished.

4. Check the fastening of parts regularly.

Parts of fastening situation is also nots allow to ignore to use three axis engraving machine is an important content, when the machine use about three months, need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of engraving machine parts, including the connection of the screw and nut.

In general, when using three axis engraving machine need to pay special attention to form a good habit of maintenance, paying attention to the machine itself, timely cleaning, check regularly, including fastening of power check and parts inspection, to ensure that the use of simple operation three axis engraving machine in the process of the safe and smooth, to avoid the occurrence of any adverse phenomenon.

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