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water jet madellion and waterjet cutting technology


Waterjet Cutting Machine

To understand what is a water jet madellion, we must first understand the waterjet cutting technology.
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Waterjet cutting is the passage of normal water through an ultra-high pressure pressurizer that pressurizes the water to 4,000 bar (60,000 psi) and then through a small nozzle (0.004” to 0.016” in diameter), which produces a rate of 915s per second. A water meter (about three times the speed of sound), the water arrow can do a variety of surface treatments and cut a variety of non-metallic materials such as stone, ceramics, glass, composite materials. This is the ultra high pressure pressurizer of Yongda Waterjet

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For materials that require cutting metal and hard materials such as various types of stone, glass, ceramics, tiles, etc., it is mixed with sand and water arrows to enhance its cutting ability. This high-speed sand-filled waterjet can be almost Cut any material.

Waterjet nozzle is made of hard alloy, sapphire and other materials, the diameter of the nozzle is only 0.05 mm, and the hole wall is smooth, can withstand a pressure of 1700 MPa, so the high-pressure water ejected can cut material like a knife. Some waters also incorporate long-chain polymers, such as polyethylene oxides, which increase the "viscosity" of the water and make the ejected water look like a "thin line." Combined with the 5-axis linkage cutting method, it has a high processing precision, a cutting width of only 0.1-0.8 mm and can process complex-shaped components.

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Therefore, the water jet is to use a variety of stone water jet cutting technology processing, and then spelled into a puzzle, called the water jet parquet.

CAD production

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Stone madellion is a common word in the building materials industry. However, many people do not know how to make a product. When a gorgeous and beautiful patchwork is presented to the people, it will be passed through in many ways during the production process. First, the design department confirmed that the color map was consistent with the customer, and then passed the color map and CAD line diagram to the computer drawing room for computer production. Computer graphics include:

1. Layers (layers separate different color materials)

2. Typesetting (distribution of the parts is regularly arranged according to the size of the actual material)

3. Processing 4. Compile 5. Review 6. Decompose drawings.

The six major parts have many details, such as the compensation for water jets in the processing section, the wiring of various components, and the preservation of the "DXF" file format. After completing the computer graphics to waterjet cutting, waterjet cutting is a high-tech water jet cutting technology that can cut a variety of hard materials of different materials, such as stone, ceramics, steel, wood, composite materials. The cutter follows the computer drawing and enters the file path. After the automatic processing by the water jet , all the objects displayed on the drawing can be cut out.

Waterjet Madellion Process

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After the cutting is completed to the water jet madellion process, the water jet madellion  is a completely handmade process. The bottom edge of the cut out components must be smoothed and polished before the spelling to make it easy to place the spelling. The spelling must be tested according to the computer drawings, which is the jigsaw typesetting. After the spelling is completed, it is pasted with AB glue. In order to make the surface of the figure flat, the surface of the figure when pasting is on the glass table surface, and the iron piece is used for pressure fixing.

After the spelling of the stone mosaic is completed, it is fixed with a resin. After the resin is dried, it is placed on a thicker machine to set the thickness, complement the color, and then polished and trimmed.

Ground stone water jet madellion , the surface is a flat effect; the wall, there are flat and convex effect, when the concave and convex effect in the paste, there is a layered, raised part of the mosaic height, the surface and then sealant Then it is clean. Finally to the packaging process.

Before the stone mosaics are assembled, they must undergo a rigorous quality inspection, including the overall dimensions, surface smoothness, cleanliness, alignment of the seams, chromatic aberration lines, etc., and the combined quality requirements can be packaged. Because the stone mosaic is a fragile product, so the packaging requirements are also very high. We must use transparent oil paper to wrap the surface of the product, pre-imitation scratch, and then use the foam edge to avoid damage, and finally use a wooden frame to fix the packaging, labeling, The entire production process is completed.


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1,waterjet cutting machine

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2,Waterjet cutting process

  YONGDA-waterjet cutting technology and water jet medallion-7


 3,Cut out parts

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4,Artificial collage process

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5,Marble mosaic fill plastic process

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  6,standard packaging


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  Stone waterjet madellion is the most fashionable and popular home decoration. It makes your space unique, personalized and tasteful! It also allows you to enjoy a noble, comfortable home life.