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what are the advantages of the water cutting machine?


Now choose to use the water cutting machine to cut materials industry more and more, that's because professional water cutting machine has the incomparable advantage over other cutting machine, these advantages comes from unique cold water cutting machine for cutting technology and advanced processing technology, now it's time to learn more about what are the advantages of the water cutting machine?

1. There is no advantage of thermal effect.

When on the material cutting operations, there are a lot of material is the limit of temperature, not too hot, such as marble, tile, glass, and cement products such as materials, because hot cutting prone to crack;

Also such as such as plastic, polyurethane, wood and leather materials, such as heat cut will be prone to burning zone and burr, and water cutting machine adopts cold cutting technology, by cutting material physical and mechanical won't change, thus carries on the material of the cutting range is more extensive.

2. There is no advantage of cracking.

Water cutting machine can cut the gap very narrow material and will not produce a crack.

In general, the incision of the water cutting machine can be less than zero to one millimetre, and the large one is one millimetre, so the advantages are obvious in the processing of fine materials.

It is also because this advantage has been widely used in crafts or jewelry industry.

3. Advantages of high technical content and high efficiency.

The water cutting machine is highly processed and can be cut in all directions, including various shapes, angles or gradients, and even a lot of complicated computer Mosaic can be cut out.

In addition, the cutting materials of water cutting machine do not need to be used for secondary processing such as edge grinding, which greatly reduces processing time, thus improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

Through the above three points, you can see that if the burr is too large and the heat affected area is too large, the water cutting machine can be used.

If don't want to cutting the material deformation or cracks or again during the secondary processing can also choose water cutting machine, at the same time also can see the water cutting machine is a kind of multi-purpose, performance perfect cutting equipment, the need for material cutting industry choice of good quality and good reputation of water cutting machine certainly can't be wrong.