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What are the advantages of water cutting machines compared to other cutting machines?


What are the advantages of water cutting machines compared to other cutting machines?

The water-cutting machine, known as cold cutting technology, is widely used in the cutting work of many materials and possesses this technology.

The professional water cutting machine has many advantages over other cutting machines, and it is not comparable to other cutting techniques.

What are the advantages of a water cutting machine compared to other cutting machines?

1. Advantages compared with laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine requires a large investment, and it costs more to maintain and run.

Laser cutting machines are mostly used in thin steel plates.

The cutting of some non-metallic materials, although the cutting speed is relatively fast, but the laser cutting machine can cause the arc mark and cause thermal effect when working.

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In addition, it is not ideal for the cutting process of many materials, such as aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals, and some can not even finish the cutting work.

The water cutting machine is not only small investment, but also has a wide range of cutting materials, efficient operation and maintenance is also convenient.

2. Advantages of comparison with plasma cutting machine.

Plasma cutting machine also has obvious thermal effect at work and the accuracy is not high, the cutting surface is not easy to reprocessing.

While the water cut

The cutting machine adopts the technology of cold cutting, no thermal deformation, good cutting surface quality, no need for secondary processing, even if it needs to be done twice.

Processing is also very easy.

3. Advantages of comparison with line cutting machine.

The machining accuracy of wire cutting machine is good for metal, but it is very slow. Sometimes it needs to be perforated and threaded by other methods.

Cutting, and the size of the cut is also very limited.

The water cutting machine can punch, cut, and speed any material.

The machining dimension is also very flexible.

From the above three points, you can see that the water cutting machine is very good compared with the laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine and line cutting machine.

Potential, therefore need to cut the material such as metal, hard plastic even marble, glass, can choose the water cut with good quality and credit.

Cutting machine to complete the cutting work of different requirements.