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What are the characteristics of the three-axis engraving machine?


Carving is very important for people love technology, three axis engraving machine is a good machine, used for carving in real life, can have very good help effect on people, and also with the characteristics of its is very superior won many people's favorite, so professional three axis engraving machine has the characteristic of what respect?

1. Small volume and strong steel.

Three axis engraving machine is small volume, especially for some small equipment, the use of four point contact design USES Goethe type, able to withstand various direction, strong rigidity, and the precision is very high, at the same time have a steel ball retainer to carry on the design, precision when allowed to swap, and its speed is so fast, gap standards to operate.

Second, the three axis platform automatic adjustment function is strong.

Three axis engraving machine platform can be automatically adjusted, and the function is very strong, can according to the practical use of the belt tightness of automatic adjustment, so as to make the repositioning precision of the machine is assured, and the design of the locking move, eccentric nut type, can improve the accuracy and on the adjustment is very simple, and the effect is more obvious

The three - axis motion can meet all kinds of occasions.

In three axis can be used in a variety of different occasions engraving machine, and three axis motion way is able to according to the different needs of customers to transform, cantilever meet common needs of users, and longmen posture is suitable for a special occasion of dispensing products.

4. Extensive use.

Three axis engraving machine USES more extensive, not just the point glue, originally some system will also be able to cooperate with customers, to complete the accurate positioning tasks, translation, rotation operation function, apply to different job position.

Above is introduced about the characteristics of the three axis engraving machine, to be able to apply in a variety of different occasions, and with its unique features to attract more consumers to buy, very accurate and simple operation, the use of three axis engraving machine, with its wide range of USES and more accurate operation will win more customers.