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Wuhan Chaoyi crown carving introduces the difference between the real four-axis and the fake four-axis

by:YONGDA     2018-11-09

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First understand what a stereo four-axis engraving machine. Generally, a rotating shaft, also called an A-axis, is added to the plane engraving machine, which is a four-axis stereo engraving machine. What kind of engraving machine is a real four-axis engraving machine, what is a fake four-axis engraving machine? Let's take a more common example of a cylindrical three-axis engraving. A three-dimensional Buddha statue is carved from a round short wooden stick. This kind of engraving is a cylindrical three-dimensional engraving. This engraving work has four axes but uses a three-axis system, that is, the x-axis or the y-axis is used to drive the rotating shaft. When the real working is the three-axis linkage engraving machine is four Axle three linkage engraving machine.

Secondly, we understand what a real four-axis linkage engraving machine actually means X, Y, Z, A (also called C, which is actually a problem). The four axes are linked, that is to say, the four axes are Can move at the same time.

I believe that many customers and friends have heard of or contacted the three-axis machine plus the rotary axis of the engraving machine, it seems that this is the four-axis, this engraving machine is generally used for cylindrical relief, also It is to emboss engraving on the surface of the cylinder. The material of wood and stone is mostly. The general engraving sample can be realized by this four-axis three-link engraving machine.

When is the real four-axis linkage engraving machine used? The engraving content is different, which determines the different models and configurations of the engraving machine. If there is a cylindrical three-dimensional engraving requirement, the real four-axis engraving machine will be used. The engraving needs, as long as the three-axis system is equipped with a three-axis and rotary axis engraving machine, after all, the price between the genuine four-axis system and the three-axis system is quite different. The four-axis system generally has Beijing Reiz Tianhong A18 and Shanghai Weihong 85A card.

But in fact, the engraving machine with four axes is very different from the real four-axis engraving machine. The four-axis engraving machine can only be called a real four-axis engraving machine if it is equipped with a special four-axis system and a special tool to make it a complete four-axis engraving machine. Work - cylindrical three-axis engraving.

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