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Yongda takes you to a comprehensive understanding of waterjet Medallion!


What is waterjet Medallion

Waterjet Medallion is a beautiful pattern that people use art to conceive and use stone instead of pigments. It mainly uses processed materials and their natural unique colors and textures

, combined with clever artistic design.


With the development of processing technology and the complexity of the design of mosaic patterns, waterjet cutting equipment is widely used in the processing of Medallion, and for complex mosaic graphics, waterjet has become an indispensable tool. Therefore, the stone mosaics on the market are habitually called "waterjet Medallion".

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How to achieve Medallion

The water jet Medallion process uses ultra-high pressure technology to press ordinary tap water to a pressure of 250-400 Mpa, and then sprays a high-speed jet with a speed of about 800-1000 m/s through a gem nozzle with a bore diameter of about 0.15-0.35 mm. Abrasives to cut tiles, stone, all kinds of raw materials, made into a variety of different patterns.


Due to the advancement of waterjet technology, ceramic tiles can no longer be simple squares. Under the superb waterjet process, ceramic tiles can also bloom like flowers.

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Waterjet Medallion application

Waterjet Medallion can be customized according to actual needs, size and pattern. Such as European-style European flowers, Chinese-style blessings and so on. It can also be done in the living room, restaurant floor or aisle according to different needs, and the effect is very good. As long as the Medallion is applied properly, it can achieve the decorative effect of icing on the cake and add a lot of color to the home space.

In fact, the mosaic pattern not only has a copy of the pattern but also a relatively simple one. The simple pattern can be processed by hand.

Complex patterns are generally machined by a waterjet, but not all complex patterns can or can only be machined by waterjet. Such as stone mosaic inlaid on the flat plate or arc plate, the bottom plate is not penetrable. This type of stone mosaic cannot be processed with a water jet. The bottom plate can be processed by a computer processing center, but it must also be assisted by a waterjet machine. part. It is also useful to machine the bottom plate with a sandblasting machine.

Water-jet mosaics are not necessarily stone but can be glass, shells, metal, or precious stones.

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Waterjet Medallion


Thanks to the continuous improvement and innovation of waterjet technology, the current waterjet Medallion can make a variety of patterns and is deeply loved by consumers.

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