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Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment



Water jet originated in the United States and were originally used in the aviation and military industry. They were later used in ceramics, stone, glass, metal, composite materials and many other industries.

Because the water jet can perform any curve cutting process for any material, it can achieve arbitrary curve cutting process. Therefore, the waterjet products on the market are endless, but the quality is also uneven. There are brands with real materials and many Surprise trader in troubled fish.

How to choose a suitable water jet? Reducing production costs, increasing product yields, and greatly increasing the added value of processed products will be crucial in the production of future products.

FOSHAN YONGSHENGDA MACHINERY CO.,LTD has been developing waterjets since 2000 and has so far sold more than 40,000 sets of water jets. It has long been in the top three in the water jet industry in China.

YONGDA-Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment            
  YONGDA-Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment-1           


In this chaotic market environment, why does Yongda's water jet keep such a good momentum? This must be attributed to the quality of the product!

The Machine section:

To make a machine tool, we must achieve the highest efficiency and lowest cost.

All components of FOSHAN YONGSHENGDA MACHINERY CO.,LTD are manufactured using the internationally advanced and high-precision 5-axis machining center equipment, and use the world-famous Swiss origin detection equipment for testing to ensure accuracy.

Product accuracy

Quick positioning speed: 6000/15000mm/min

Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm

Repeat positioning: ±0.05mm

The first-generation stereoscopic AB 5-axis universal cutting waterjet introduced in 2013 can easily solve the problem of the impact of assembly quality in the unevenness of the lower half of the cutting surface.


1. With angle cutting, to solve the problem of uneven assembly quality in the lower half of the cutting surface, in the stone mosaic process can be assembled directly on the glue without grinding, reducing production processes and reducing labor costs.

2 can be processed more complex products, such as arc cutting, cylindrical parquet.

3. The cutting speed is fast, the turn does not stop, there is no dot.

The product details:

0 to 10 degrees arbitrary cutting           

YONGDA-Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment-2             
YONGDA-Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment-3            


The AC 5-axis waterjet is a new generation of waterjets based on the original AB 5-Axis.

AC five-axis cutter advantages

1. Adopt AC shaft design to realize the linkage of CNC five-axis (X, Y, Z, A, C).

2. The structure is simple and not simple, waterproof and sandproof are tighter, and the electrical wiring is more ingenious.

3. All parts are processed by high-precision machining centers imported from Japan to ensure machining accuracy.

4. The use of high-end imported brand servo motor, servo drive, control accuracy.

5. Reasonable design, balanced force, effectively improve the operating life and reliability of the 5-axis waterjet.

product details

Cutting anywhere between 0-45 degrees



1. Omni-directional cutting ability, can perform any plane curve cutting.

2. Specially reinforced bed structure, so that the cutter head will not produce vibration when it is running at high speed, the whole machine runs smoothly, the cutting speed is fast, and the machining accuracy is high.

3. The used screw rods are provided by well-known German manufacturers. The X and Y axes adopt the original oil-immersed screw guide rail lubrication method, together with an effective waterproof and dustproof structure to ensure the machining precision of the CNC cutting platform, and to the maximum Extend the life of the screw guide.

4. The cutter head is equipped with a reliable pneumatic high pressure water switch control device to increase production efficiency.

5. Unique sand valve design, simple structure, smoother sand, more convenient repair, and can prevent the water phenomenon.

6. All stainless steel protective cover, dust-proof, waterproof, rust-proof, anti-corrosion, easy to clean with water, keep the cutting platform bright as new year round.

7. Yongda YD series CNC water cutting platform can be divided into two types: cantilever type and gantry type. The CNC controller has two types of stepping system and AC servo system to choose from.

product details

Cutting accuracy up to ±0.1mm

YONGDA-Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment-4            

YONGDA-Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment-5

Water Jet CNC software

CNC numerical control system; more stable operation; longer working time.

Standardized electrical design, clear lines, one-to-one correspondence, convenient and simple overhaul.

Humanized human-machine interface, easy to learn and use.


A good booster makes cutting more effective. The Yongda waterjet supercharger has the features of low noise, low failure rate, and safety.


1. Full electronic commutation and Wye-Dolta soft start make the pressurization system pressure more stable and run more smoothly.

2. With a full range of safety protection devices such as pressure detection, limit alarm and automatic protection.

3. Sustained and stable high pressure, so that the cutting speed is greatly improved under the premise of ensuring the cutting quality.

4. The hydraulic system is filled with oil, and the return oil is provided with precise filtering devices to ensure the clean and smooth flow of the entire oil circuit. The

5.Using a sophisticated four-tandem water filter, the precision of the filter element is 0.45UM, which makes the cutting water more pure and greatly prolongs the use time of the components of the high-pressure system.

6. The high pressure seal ring is made of precision composite materials imported from the United States, and the sealing performance and service life are greatly improved.

7. All high-pressure components are strictly in accordance with special processing techniques and are completed using advanced CNC machine tools, so that high-pressure components have higher accuracy and better interchangeability.

8. The advanced automatic pressure control pump can ensure the pressure of the low pressure water inlet is continuously stable. The

9. With large bore diameter and large pressure, it provides a constant source of high-pressure water for the waterjet cutter head, and the cutting speed is greatly improved.

10. The unique design of the oil cylinder makes the cylinders flexible, low resistance and low noise. The

11. The integrated design of the oil circuit board and the oil cylinder ensures that the inner hole of the oil cylinder is absolutely perpendicular to the two end surfaces, ensuring the concentricity of the inner hole and the outer diameter and the verticality of the end surface, eliminating any oil leakage between the oil board and the oil cylinder. may. It can be said that Yongda's cylinder will never leak oil.

The Product specification

The highest pressure: 4500Mpa

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Maximum displacement: 3.7L/min

The maximum pressure of the pump: 31.5M/pa

           YONGDA-Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment-6
YONGDA-Yongda water jet faster cutting speed, higher return on investment-7             

Yongda Water jet

A good waterjet must be strictly required in every part. Yongda waterjet, regardless of machine tools, supercharger, numerical control, all aspects for the user to consider - safe, efficient and low cost. The pursuit of subtle quality in the past 18 years combined with market demand continues to innovate. This is Yongda Waterjet!

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